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What is selenium?

Selenium is a trace mineral that our bodies only require in small amounts to stay healthy. Many animal and plant-based meals contain selenium. It is a nonmetal (occasionally referred to as a metalloid) with properties that are midway between sulfur and tellurium in the periodic table, as well as having similarities to arsenic. In the Earth’s crust, it is rarely found in its elemental state or as pure ore complexes. It is found in soil and certain food.

Functions of selenium:

  • It produce 25 proteins in body
  • Protects our cell against damage
  • Supporting our immune system
  • Keeping healthy function of our thyroid
  • Important in reproduction
  • Supports normal function of our muscles and heart
  • Decrease risk of cancer
  • Prevent cognitive decline

Sources of selenium:

How much do I need per day?

The amount of it you require each day varies depending on your age, gender, and life stage. The DRV for healthy individuals (over the age of 18) is 70 g of selenium per day, including during pregnancy. During lactation, its requirements might rise to 85 g per day. By eating a variety of foods, we can acquire adequate selenium in our diets.

How much amount in these food?

  • Half can of chick peas: 56% DVR
  • Brazil nuts: 109% DVR
  • Can of tuna: 99% DVR

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