How to Make Roast Leg of Ham

Roast Leg of Ham Easiest Recipe
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As a protein choice, a ham can stay a supper to please everybody at the table, young or old. A ham leg, too known as shank end or ham shank, comes from the lower portion of the pig’s leg. A ham leg is “value-added,” since you’ll be able to spare the bone to form broth and soup or to flavor beans as they cook. Whereas an entire ham leg isn’t a feast to plan in a rush, you’ll be able to spend time cooking it once and have scraps for a few days or to solidify for future meals.

An amazing way to roast a leg of ham takes a small-time but is studded with cloves, coated with honey and mustard, and roasted to lock within the sweet and zesty flavor. It’s surely a delight a large party. Tasty hot or cold. Leg of ham is frequently considered to be an amazing choice for roasting. A roasted leg ham could be a sure-fire hit all through the festive season and is strikingly simple to form yourself.

Have you roasted a leg of the ham before? It’s really fairly simple! And this tutorial is all you wish to create genuinely delicate, flavor stuffed roasted leg of ham.  A couple of tips make all the distinctions. Whether boneless or bone-in, delicate ham leg makes an enthusiastic centerpiece for a holiday table. And do not markdown it for an extraordinary Sunday supper that takes off you with incredible leftovers for sandwiches to include salads all week long!

How to Make Roast Leg of Ham

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 1 hour Cook Time 320 min Total Time 6 hrs 20 mins Calories: 238 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Ham with cloves embedded in it, coated with honey and mustard, then baked to seal in the sweetness and spice. It's a time taking recipe, you need hours to make it but it's super delicious 

Let's get started 



  1. Step 1

    • Always remember to bring the smoked leg ham with bones and fatty skin at least 3 to 4 days before you want to cook it
    • Take a deep pan
    • Add some water
    • Soak the ham in the water
    • Cook it over low flame
    • It took 4 to 5 hours  
    • Now drain the water
    • Make cuts in the meat
    • Take a bowl Combine the mustard, honey, and bread crumbs
    • Keep in mind all of the cloves should be pinned into the meat, and pineapple slices should be placed on top.

  1. Step 2

    • Now it’s time to roast it
    • It took 15 to 20 minutes to cook in a pre-heated oven
    • Add some water for gravy
    • Cook it a little longer to thicken it up
    • Now add some pineapple juice.
    • Take it out on a plate and serve
    • Enjoy

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1

Servings 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories 238
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 10.7g17%
Saturated Fat 3.7g19%
Cholesterol 106mg36%
Sodium 72mg3%
Potassium 421mg13%
Protein 33.2g67%

Vitamin A 11%
Vitamin C 1%
Calcium 8%
Iron 1%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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