How to make Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe
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Gajar ka halwa is a sweet dessert from the Indian subcontinent. It is frequently served with an embellishment of almonds and pistachios. The dessert is customarily eaten during all of the celebrations in India, basically at the event of Diwali, Holi, Eid al-Fitr, and Raksha Bandhan. It is served hot during the winter. In the winter season, people in North India love to eat Gajar ka halwa after a generous dinner or in the evening with a reviving container of masala chai.

It may be a light nutritious dessert with less fat than many other ordinary sweets from the Indian subcontinent. Gajar halwa contains a medium shelf life so it is presently some of the time traded. You will even have it for breakfast or at lunchtime.

At celebration time numerous people favor veggie lover dishes as well as desserts in their Thali. Since of its low-fat substance, vegan characteristics, ease of making, medium shelf-life, and taste. The dish is well known among grown-ups as well as children. A simple recipe that’s ordinarily made in winters when the carrots are in season.

How to make Gajar ka Halwa

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 53 min Total Time 1 hr 13 mins Calories: 210.6 Best Season: Winter


During the winter, I frequently cook gajar ka halwa. It's a popular wintertime dessert in northern areas. It is also known as gajrela.

Full-fat milk, ghee, and sugar are used in this traditional gajar ka halwa recipe. So let's get started.



  1. Step 1

    • First, melt ghee in a wok and add cardamom powder.
    • Then, add grated carrot. Cover and cook for 6-7 minutes on medium flame until carrots become soft.
    • Remove the lid and simmer for 15-20 minutes to burn excess water.

  1. Step 2

    • Now add sugar and milk. Sugar will dissolve and become watery.
    • Cook for 10-12 minutes to remove water. Mix well.
    • Add half khoya and cook further for 8-10 minutes.
    • When the ghee separates excessively from the pan's sides. Combine the dry fruits, nuts, and the remaining khoya in a mixing bowl.
    • Cover the lid and let it cook on low flame for 5 minutes.
    • Finally, dish it out and garnish it with some almonds.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1

Servings 5

Amount Per Serving
Calories 210.6
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 7.9g13%
Saturated Fat 0.7g4%
Cholesterol 4mg2%
Sodium 107mg5%
Potassium 102.7mg3%
Total Carbohydrate 32.7g11%
Dietary Fiber 2.6g11%
Sugars 28.4g
Protein 3.5g8%

Vitamin A 145.8%
Vitamin C 12.2%
Calcium 8.6%
Iron 2.9%
Vitamin D 5%
Vitamin E 2.5%
Thiamin 0.3%
Riboflavin 0.9%
Niacin 0.4%
Vitamin B6 0.1%
Folate 0.1%
Pantothenic Acid 0.1%
Phosphorus 0.9%
Magnesium 1.3%
Zinc 0.4%
Selenium 0.1%
Copper 1.1%
Manganese 2.5%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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