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What are Raspberries?

Raspberries are the edible fruit of a rose family plant species. There are many different sorts of raspberries, such as black, purple, and golden, but the red raspberry, or Rubus idaeus, is the most popular. These delicious, tart berries have a limited shelf life and are only collected in the summer and fall. For these reasons, it should be consumed as soon as possible after purchase.

Where raspberries are found?

Red raspberries are native to Europe and northern Asia, although they’re grown all over the world in temperate climates. The majority of this in the United States is cultivated in California, Washington, and Oregon.

Nutritional information:

Calories: 64

Carbs: 14.7 grams

Fiber: 8 grams

Protein: 1.5 grams

Fat: 0.8 grams

Vitamin C: 54% of the reference daily intake (RDI)

Manganese: 41% of RDI

Vitamin K: 12% of RDI

Vitamin E: 5% of RDI

B vitamins: 4-6% of RDI

Iron: 5% of RDI

Magnesium: 7% of RDI

Phosphorus: 4% of RDI

Potassium: 5%of RDI

Copper: 6% of RDI

What are its benefits?

  • May reduce disease risk
  • Potent antioxidants
  • Blood sugar control
  • High fiber and tannin
  • May have cancer fighting properties
  • Improve arthritis
  • May aid weight loss
  • May combat aging

How to grow it?

  • Choose a location that gets plenty of sun and has rich, well-drained soil.
  • Plant raspberry bushes 3-4 feet apart and support them with a post and wire system.
  • In the spring, through early July, feed raspberry bushes.
  • Harvest plants on a regular basis to keep them producing.

How to include it in your diet?

  • Popular ingredients in jellies and jams
  • Eat fresh raspberries as a snack
  • Top yogurt with raspberries
  • Add raspberries to cereal or oatmeal
  • Add frozen raspberries to a smoothie
  • Combine this with chicken, and goat cheese in a salad.
  • Make a baked raspberry crumble with rolled oats, nuts and cinnamon
  • For a delectable treat, stuff raspberries with dark chocolate chips.

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