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What is Radish? 

 Radishes are a root vegetable with light-colored, crisp flesh, a variety of skin colors, and a peppery, nearly spicy flavor. It has different shapes. Its shapes range from long and narrow to short and round. It is of white, purple, red and pink color. The most common color of radish is red which is mostly used in our supermarkets and it is of ping pong ball-shaped with a little tail. Radishes are divided into two types based on when they are harvested: winter radishes and spring radishes. Spring radishes have a shorter growing season than winter radishes. It is round and smaller in shape. Spring radishes are commonly consumed uncooked. Winter radishes have a longer growing season, resulting in larger spherical or elongated shaped vegetables that last longer in the refrigerator.

Where they usually found?

Radishes are grown in all states and it is easily available in all over the world.

Nutritional Information                                                  

  • Energy:                         66 KJ
  • Carbohydrate:             3.4g
  • Fat:                                 0.1g
  • Protein:                         0.68g
  • Vitamin C:                    14.8g
  • Vitamin B6:                  0.071mg
  • Thiamine:                     0.012mg
  • Riboflavin:                   0.039mg
  • Calcium:                      25mg
  • Iron:                              0.34mg
  • Magnesium:                10mg
  • Manganese:                0.069mg
  • Phosphorous:              20mg
  • Potassium:                  233mg
  • Zinc:                              0.28mg

What are its benefits?

  • It is beneficial for sugar patients 
  • It helps to increase the functioning of the liver
  • Improve heart conditions
  • Reduces the high blood pressure
  • Good for kidney patients. 

How to grow it

  • Plant it in a sunny area.
  • Plant it in a moist soil
  • Sow the seeds of radish 
  • Seeds should be 1.5 inches deeply sowed
  • Be careful that the buds of radish should not be dry
  • Harvest it
  • Give it a clean touch and store it.

How To Include It in Your Diet?

  • Make it in the form of parathas
  • It is used in Salads
  • It is used for garnishing purpose
  • Can be roasted with a combination of oil and garlic