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What is Phylloquinone, Menadione?

Phylloquinone is also known as Vitamin k. Vitamin K refers to a group of chemicals that have a similar structure. This Vitamin K3, also known as menadione, is a type of vitamin K that is synthesized or manufactured artificially. Vitamin K comes in a variety of forms that are utilized in medicine all over the world. In North America, vitamin K1 (phytonadione) and vitamin K2 (menaquinone) are accessible. In North America, other forms of vitamin K, such as vitamin K3 and K4, are not available. Vitamin K is a water-soluble vitamin that the body need for blood clotting and other vital functions.

Benefits of Phylloquinone or Vitamin K:

  • May have anti- bacterial properties
  • May have anti-cancer properties
  • Used for blood clotting problem
  • Good for bones and blood
  • Prevent excessive bleeding
  • Benefits for dental and periodontal
  • Good for hormones, kidney
  • Improve brain health
  • Buildup calcium in tissues

Sources of Phylloquinone or vitamin K:

  • Red peppers
  • Spinach
  • Beef liver
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Ice cream
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Carrots
  • Supplements
  • Soybean and canola oils are examples of vegetable oils.

So, should you start using vitamin K:

In healthy, well-fed individuals, vitamin K insufficiency is quite unusual. It’s largely an issue in neonates, individuals on vitamin K antagonists, persons with significant liver impairment, and people who have trouble absorbing fat.

Did you know?

Intestinal bacteria produce a type of vitamin K that meets half of your needs. If you’re taking an anticoagulant, be sure you’re getting enough vitamin K.

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