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What is “Calcium rich foods”?

In this blog, you will know about calcium rich foods and other things in which calcium is found. There are different calcium rich foods like milk calcium and calcium in eggs. Sources of calcium rich foods are mentioned below this paragraph. Calcium is one of the most important minerals that our bodies require in significantly higher amounts to stay healthy. It can be found in a variety of animal and plant-based diets, as well as drinking water. Calcium, abbreviated as Ca, is a chemical element and an atomic number of 20. Calcium is a reactive alkaline earth metal that, when exposed to air, forms a black oxide-nitride coating. Its heavier homologues, strontium and barium, have the same physical and chemical properties.

Best Sources of calcium foods:

Functions of calcium:

  • Keeps bones and teeth strong
  • Assist our blood vessels in contracting and relaxing.
  • Keeping our hearts beating
  • Helps moving our muscles
  • Helping our nerve cells carry message between brain and body
  • Activates different enzymes
  • Helps our bodies release hormones
  • Supports normal blood circulation
  • Supporting skeletal structure and function
  • Cell signaling, blood coagulation, and muscular contraction are all assisted by this protein.
  • Controls the movement of water into and out of cells to maintain fluid equilibrium.

How much calcium do I need per day?

The amount of calcium you need every day varies depending on your age, gender, and life stage. The DRV for healthy individuals (over the age of 18) is 950-1000 mg of calcium per day, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding. By eating a variety of foods, we can acquire enough calcium in our diets.

How much potassium in these food:

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